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Discover the Magic of the Open Road with Rogue One's Campervan Hire in Sunderland
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Rogue One: A Gateway to Adventure

More than just a campervan rental service, Rogue One is your entryway to adventure. Rogue One is the ideal jumping off place for your exploration of the North East, Scotland, and beyond because it is situated close to Sunderland, a city renowned for its dynamic culture and breathtaking surroundings.

Our campervans give you a feeling of freedom and take you on a trip you'll never forget.
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Your adventure starts here..

Are you itching to experience the open road's freedom? to engross yourself in a trip that combines ease, adaptability, and the special appeal of a Volkswagen campervan? With a fleet of VW campervans, Rogue One, a North East-based company, is your go-to option for campervan rentals in Sunderland. They guarantee an unforgettable and unmatched adventure.

Since its founding, Rogue One has built an unrivalled reputation for its dedication to offering not just high-quality campervan rentals but also an authentic travel experience that goes beyond the conventions of conventional vacations.

Our Vans for Hire

We are the leading campervan converters, specialising in luxury campervans tailored to perfection. With high-end campervan conversions, there is no one better.
Storm Trooper
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Darth Maul
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Darth Vader
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Why Rogue One?

We are seasoned conversion experts. Since our staff has been converting campervans for more than 20 years, we have a good idea of what you need from your camper to make it the ideal home while travelling.

You may travel in comfort and luxury thanks to the greatest fixtures and fittings in every one of our vans.

You're in good hands with a Rogue One Campervan, whether you're travelling alone or with your fellow Jedis.

The Campervan Fleet

We have a wide selection of excellent, well-kept Volkswagen campervans. These vintage cars offer a roomy cabin, cosy sleeping quarters, and a fully functional kitchen. They are the pinnacle of style and functionality.

Every campervan is a classic work of art that exudes a genuine charm that turns every ride into a fun adventure. VW comes to mind when you think about a campervan.
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Keeping it toasty

Our vans are packed full of insulation t keep you cosy when the temperature drops and providing protection from the elements. You'll be as toasty as the two suns of Tatooine!
Warm nights
Superb thermals
Best materials used in the lining

Unleashing the North East

Rogue One's campervan rentals in Sunderland provide you the freedom to go and take in the area's breathtaking natural beauty. Imagine starting your day stargazing in the Yorkshire Dales, having lunch next to a serene tarn in the Lake District, and waking up to the peace of the Northumberland coastline.

You may customise your trip to suit your interests, whether they be hiking, surfing, paddle boarding, kayaking, photography, or just finding tranquilly in nature, thanks to the independence of a campervan vacation.

What's it like to camp in a Campervan?

Imagine yourself sitting outside your campervan on a cool evening with a bonfire, a drink in your hand, some delicious meat cooking on the BBQ, and a view of a lovely lake. You can go on a walk, take a leisurely stroll or walk to a neighbourhood bar for a drink and some food during the day. Try surfing, paddle boarding, kayaking, or going for a run if you're athletic.

There are many locations that campers can visit with a campervan, as well as some excellent camping grounds, all around Scotland and the United Kingdom. If you enjoy the outdoors, you really can't beat it; it's an experience, and once you've tried it, you'll be hooked!

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