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Campervan / Motorhome Useful Tips And Tricks For Beginners

First Things First Are campervan holidays fun?

Campervan holidays are a fantastic way to explore a destination and create unforgettable memories with family and friends. Not only do they provide the convenience of being able to take your accommodation with you wherever you go, but they offer an adventure like no other. With the freedom to travel at your own pace, you can easily explore off the beaten track and find hidden gems.

The great thing about campervan holidays is that you can plan them around your own needs and interests. Whether you want to spend your days soaking up the sun at a secluded beach, exploring the sights and sounds of a bustling city, or taking a road trip to explore the countryside, the possibilities are endless.

Campervan / Motorhome Useful Tips And Tricks For Beginners

Furthermore, the ability to cook your meals in the van and save money on expensive dining out makes campervan holidays even more appealing. What’s more, campervans make camping trips far more comfortable, as they come equipped with a range of amenities such as sleeping areas, a kitchen, and even a bathroom.

The convenience of having your own home on wheels also means that you don’t have to worry about finding accommodation every night, as you can simply pull up wherever you like and stay the night. Overall, campervan holidays are the perfect way to experience the freedom of travel and create lasting memories with the people you love the most.

With the convenience and comfort of a campervan, you can explore far and wide, discover hidden gems, and make the most of every moment on holiday.

Now lets talk about the top tips for motorhome and campervan trips

Things to Consider before setting off on your first motorhome trip!

Before embarking on your motorhome holiday, it is important to take the time to consider a few things. Firstly, check that you have all the necessary paperwork, such as insurance, MOT and tax, as well as breakdown cover the motorhome basics.

You should also plan your trip in advance, ensuring that you have all the supplies you need such as food, water and fuel and the essential guides. Once you have the logistics sorted, you should make sure you know how to operate the motorhome, and check that all the systems are working correctly.

Additionally, it is a good idea to familiarise yourself with the rules of the road and make sure you have all the essential safety equipment.

Taking the time to properly plan and prepare for your motorhome holiday will ensure you have a safe and enjoyable trip.

Satnav (GPS) tips for wild camping

Using a SatNav for a camper van roadtrip can be incredibly beneficial for motorhome and camper van beginners. Firstly, you can use the SatNav to plan the best route for your journey, taking into account the size and weight of your camper van. It will not only save you time by avoiding certain roads and routes that may be unsuitable for your vehicle, but also help you save money by avoiding tolls and congested roads.

Additionally, you can use the SatNav to locate places of interest and attractions, such as campsites, scenic viewpoints and tourist attractions, so that you can make the most of your road trip. The SatNav can also help you to avoid getting lost, by providing you with detailed instructions on where to turn and which roads to take.

Campervan / Motorhome Useful Tips And Tricks For Beginners

This will help you to stay on the right route and reach your destination without any problems. It also takes away the stress of having to read maps, as all you have to do is rely on the voice instructions of the SatNav.

Furthermore, you can use the SatNav to find hotels and restaurants, if you need somewhere to take a break from driving.

It can also provide you with alternative routes if you are stuck in traffic or if the route you are taking is closed due to roadworks.

This can help you to get to your destination quickly and safely, without any major delays. Overall, having a SatNav on your first campervan trip can be both convenient and reassuring.

It will help you plan the best route for your journey, avoid getting lost and provide you with alternative routes if needed, as well as point you in the direction of places of interest, hotels and restaurants.

It can also save you time and money by avoiding congested roads and tolls.

Make Sure You Have Useful Apps when planning a motorhome holiday

Having useful apps for camping is a great way to make the most of your camping experience. Not only can they help you plan your journey better, they can also provide you with helpful information on campsites, tourist attractions and places of interest.

You can also use these apps to find the best campsites and amenities nearby, so you can get the most out of your stay. Additionally, these apps can provide you with real-time weather forecasts and news reports, so you can be prepared for any changes on your journey.

This could include unexpected storms, road closures and more, so you can make the necessary adjustments to your plans.

Furthermore, these apps can also help you to locate nearby petrol stations and shops, so you can fill up your camper-van or get any groceries you may need for your stay.

They can also provide you with information about the local area, so you can explore new places with confidence. Overall, having useful apps for campering can be incredibly beneficial.

Not only can they make planning your journey a lot easier, they can also provide you with useful information and tips that can help you make the most of your stay.

A few apps that you'll ned on your trip

  • park4night - for stops that wasn't planned
  • - incase your it the middle of nowhere with no service this will help you find your way
  • first aid- helps you through any steps incase of a medical emergency
  • waze - gives you everything you need to know about live directions, road closers, shortcuts
  • tourlina - for solo women travelling
  • vansecrects - will help you find the hidden gems where you are located

These are all free on apple and android devices, the are a must if you want useful tips and are taking your first trip.

Be Prepared For An Emergency

When taking your first campervan trip, being prepared for an emergency is key. There are many tips and tricks to help beginners, no matter what type of new motorhome you have. It’s important to know exactly what things you'll need to have in case of an emergency.

Some of the best motorhome tips include packing a basic first aid kit with essentials such as bandages, antiseptic wipes and pain killers; having a fire extinguisher and smoke alarm on board; making sure to bring a map or GPS device; having some sort of communication device in case of emergencies; and always planning out your route and letting someone else know where you’re going.

Being prepared will help keep your campervan trip running smoothly and without any stressful surprises.

Reserach Your Roads

When travelling in a campervan in the UK, it is important to do some research on the roads you will be travelling on. This is because there are many factors to consider when driving a campervan, such as the size, weight and speed limit of the roads.

Not only that, some roads may be unsuitable for campervans due to the speed or width restrictions, or may have tolls to pay. By researching the roads, you can ensure that you are taking the best route for your campervan and avoid any roads that may be unsuitable or too expensive.

Campervan / Motorhome Useful Tips And Tricks For Beginners

You can also take advantage of scenic routes or roads with fewer traffic and speed restrictions, so that you can enjoy your journey more.

Furthermore, researching the roads can also help you to plan any stops you may need to make, such as petrol stations, shops and campsites. This will ensure that you have all the necessary map coordinates to locate places of interest and attractions, so that you can make the most of your campervan trip.

Overall, researching the roads before travelling in a campervan in the UK can be incredibly beneficial.

Not only can it help you to plan the best route for your journey, it can also help you to locate places of interest, campsites and services that you may need during your trip.

Read Your Camper-van Mannuel

Reading your campervan manual before going on a trip is a must. Knowing how to operate your campervan correctly is essential for a safe and enjoyable trip. With a manual, you can become familiar with the important components of the vehicle and the best practices for operation.

You will also be able to find information about maintenance schedules, troubleshooting tips, and details about the different features of your camper.

Campervan / Motorhome Useful Tips And Tricks For Beginners

Furthermore, the manual can provide insight to ensure you make the most of the journey and have a great time. Taking the time to read the manual before your trip will ensure an enjoyable and safe adventure.

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