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Caravan Hire in Carlisle

Ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure in the historic city of Carlisle and its picturesque surroundings?
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Rogue One: A Gateway to Adventure

Rogue One, a premier campervan hire service, promises to make your journey through Cumbria and the UK as enchanting as the destinations themselves. With motorhomes and campervans that redefine luxury and comfort, let’s explore the offerings of this amazing hire service.

Our campervans give you a feeling of freedom and take you on a trip you'll never forget.
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A Fleet for Every Traveler...

At Rogue One, we understand the varying needs of today's travelers. Whether you're keen to explore the depths of Cumbria, venture up to Scotland, or meander along Hadrian's Wall, we've got you covered.

Solo Adventurers: Our compact vans are perfect for those looking to discover the country on their own terms. Nimble and efficient, these campers are designed for the independent spirit.

Couples Retreat: For couples, our campervans offer the ideal blend of space and intimacy. Imagine parking near the Lake District and waking up to a sunrise view from your double bed. Pure bliss!

Family Expeditions:
With kids or a larger group? Opt for our motorhome rental. With ample space, a well-equipped kitchen, and even a dedicated entertainment area, these motorhomes turn every journey into a luxurious experience.

Our Vans for Hire

We are the leading campervan converters, specialising in luxury campervans tailored to perfection. With high-end campervan conversions, there is no one better.
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Discovering the Lake District

The Lake District National Park is undeniably a jewel in England’s crown, and what better way to explore it than with Rogue One’s campervan hire.

An Oasis of Tranquility

Whether you're pitching for the night by a serene lake or camping amidst the mountains, the Lake District offers experiences that rejuvenate both body and soul.

Adventure Awaits!

From hiking trails that offer panoramic views to serene boat rides, there’s no shortage of adventures in this great place.

Cumbria: Nature's Canvas

Just a short rental drive from Carlisle, Cumbria opens up as a vast expanse of untouched beauty. The Lake District National Park is the crown jewel, with its mesmerising lakes, towering peaks, and lush green valleys. The park is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, offering opportunities for hiking, boating, and simply soaking in nature's grandeur.
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For those who want to discover more, Cumbria's motorhome and campervan hire services, like Rogue One, offer the freedom to explore hidden gems at your own pace. 

Fancy a lakeside camping night under the stars? 

Or how about a drive through the rolling hills with a 

panoramic view of the Lake District? With a motorhome or campervan, you're in control of your journey.

Keeping it toasty

Our vans are packed full of insulation t keep you cosy when the temperature drops and providing protection from the elements. You'll be as toasty as the two suns of Tatooine!
Warm nights
Superb thermals
Best materials used in the lining

Tips for a Memorable Journey

Plan but Stay Open

While charting out dates and places is crucial, staying open to spontaneous detours can lead to unforgettable moments.

The Joy of Camping

Imagine spending a night under the stars after a day of exploring Hadrian’s Wall. Always keep essentials like an awning handy!


What's it like to camp in a Campervan?

Sit outside your campervan on a cold night with a drink in your hand, some mouthwatering meat sizzling on the BBQ, and a view of a beautiful lake. During the day, you can go for a walk, a leisurely stroll or to a local pub for a drink and some food. If you're athletic, try running, paddle boarding, kayaking, or surfing.

Around Carlise and the United Kingdom, campers can explore a wide range of destinations and several top-notch camping areas. You truly can't beat it if you like being outside; it's an experience, and once you try it, you'll be hooked!